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Bernat Klein Collectors Set : Personal Colour Guides No. 1-6

Bernat Klein Collectors Set : Personal Colour Guides No. 1-6

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The foundation is delighted to offer as a collector's item, a complete set of 'Personal Colour Guides' (Numbers 1 - 6). 


'Personal Colour Guides' Numbers 1 - 6 were developed by Bernat Klein from his oil studies of the human eye creating six individual colourways. ⁠

Each guide was designed to contain a set of removable colour chips of light and dark tones, harmonising colours, contrasting colours, and neutrals, which all related to Klein’s individual iris study. ⁠

An extract from the book 'Eye for Colour' was also included as a booklet, which gave the background story and concepts behind Klein's 'Personal Colour Guides'.⁠

Published in 1965 they provide a unique reference and understanding of Klein’s design and artistic practice that influenced his ideas for domestic and public spaces, woven and printed textiles for fashion and interiors.


Please note, these are original copies of the six ‘Personal Colour Guides’, from Bernat Klein’s personal collection.

The collection was kindly donated by the Klein Family to support the work of the foundation. In offering these for sale we have endeavoured to select only those that are in good condition. However as they have been stored over a number of years there is some age damage to the copies, which is unavoidable. We sincerely hope that this does not diminish their value to you, as well as your enjoyment in owning an original piece from Bernat Klein’s collection.

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