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Design Matters - Bernat Klein

Design Matters - Bernat Klein

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Published in 1976, Design Matters sets out Bernat Klein’s views on design as a working designer in Britain at that time. Throughout his life Klein was a protagonist for ‘good design’ as he believed that it had the potential to change people’s lives for the better.

As an illustrated text book Design Matters, provides a reference to Klein’s examples of domestic and industrial design, which were selected to emphasise the role and importance of design. As he described, ’Design means to enjoy the exploration of new possibilities. It means to take pleasure in finding new solutions to old problems; or to have fun juggling with a number of old solutions until they suddenly click and coalesce into one, beautiful, new solution.’


Please note, these are original copies of ‘Design Matters’ (1976) from Bernat Klein’s personal collection.

The collection was kindly donated by the Klein Family to support the work of the foundation. In offering these for sale we have endeavoured to select only those that are in good condition. However as they have been stored over a number of years there is some age damage to the copies, which is unavoidable. We sincerely hope that this does not diminish their value to you, as well as your enjoyment in owning an original piece from Bernat Klein’s collection.

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