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Eye for Colour - Bernat Klein

Eye for Colour - Bernat Klein

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Eye for Colour is a semi-autobiographical book, in which Klein describes what he called the ‘the warp and weft’ of his early life and career. Interwoven throughout the book is Klein’s account of his determination to redefine woven textiles that captured his ideas about colour, design and imaginative techniques; and his success in creating his couture tweeds for the Paris and London Fashion Houses of the early Sixties.

Throughout his exploration of colour, Klein produced a significant collection of paintings that demonstrated the connection between his artistic practice and his textile designs. As well as illustrating Klein’s practice through his own selection of colour plates, Eye for Colour also describes the early influences, circumstances and decisions he made in following a career as a textile designer in the Scottish Borders.

Please note, these are original copies of ‘Eye for Colour’ (1965) from Bernat Klein’s personal collection.

The collection was kindly donated by the Klein Family to support the work of the foundation. In offering these for sale we have endeavoured to select only those that are in good condition. However as they have been stored over a number of years there is some age damage to the copies, which is unavoidable. We sincerely hope that this does not diminish their value to you, as well as your enjoyment in owning an original piece from Bernat Klein’s collection.

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